Thursday, April 12, 2012

politics, etc.

With Rick Santorum out of the race, it looks like Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee for President. The general election can now begin in earnest! I'm looking forward to making some politically-inspired knitwear. In 2008, I knit an Obama hat, which I wore to the inauguration.

(this picture is kinda making me want to rock some heavy bangs again!)

My friend Sara and I were waiting for the metro before the sun was up to make our way downtown, and it was COLD!

My brother has since co-opted the Obama hat. 

The pattern I used to knit this hat is available here from the blog Knit Circus. You can also find a bunch of Obama-inspired patterns here

I don't have the patience for this, but I am super impressed by this Obama sweater from 2008 (pattern is available as a free Ravelry download). 

Here is the chart:

Perhaps this year I will knit something with the 2012 logo. 

I have some time though, since I won't be wearing too much knitwear until the fall!

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