Wednesday, April 11, 2012

anna needlepoints

One of my favorite styles comes from mixing new technology with old world techniques. So when I came across a needlepoint iphone cover kit, I jumped at the idea. I have now finally started on my case, which I ordered from the South Korean company Connect Design.

It is kind of hard to get the stitches through the plastic of the cover -- I broke the needle the case came with -- so I think I might go back and use only a few strands of the floss when needlepointing.

I decided to go with a geometric pattern that came in the kit, but it would fun to invent your own pattern! Here is an example of a finished case from the Connect Design webpage:

Here is an example of an original pattern from the blog Cottage Nest:

Another mix of new technology with old world techniques can be found in the music of experimental band, Sound Remedy. I've been obsessed with their modern take on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. You can listen to it here, or via the right hand panel music player of my blog: the knit mix. This is where I share the music I'm listening to now. If this track is not up anymore, you can find this song, and more, at the knit mix archive page.

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