spiral top tea cozy pattern

~ Spiral Top Tea Cozy ~

The pattern fits a small 2 cup, medium 4 cup, or large 6 cup tea pot. It is based off this pattern by Katya Frankel for a strawberry tea cozy, which is available as a free Ravlery download. 

If you love this pattern, but are not a knitter yourself, you can purchase a finished Spiral Top Tea Cozy at my etsy store here. (Message me if no tea cosies are for sale at the moment!)

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PDF version available here

Fits a 2 (4, 6) cup teapot.

Less than one ball of worsted weight yarn in three colors (I like Cascade 220).
Needles: US6 (4mm) regular and double pointed needles. Adjust needle size to get the correct gauge if necessary.
Stitch marker (I use a paperclip).

20 sts and 27 rows per 4"/10cm in stockinette stitch

CO – cast on 
Sts – stitches 
K – knit 
K2tog – knit 2 stitches together 
P – purl
Rnd(s) – round(s) 
St st – stockinette/stocking stitch 
RS/WS – right/wrong side St(s) – stitch(es)

Side (make two the same)
With Color1, CO 32 (40,48) sts leaving at least a 3 inch tail, which will be used for seaming the sides together later.
Knit 3 rows. 
Work 5 rows in St. st., beginning with a WS row.
Next row (RS): (k7 Color1, k1 Color2) 3 (4, 5) times, k1 Color1. 
Work 4 (6, 8) rows in St. st. with Color1. 
Next row (WS): P3 Color1 p1 Color2, (p7 Color1, p1 Color2) 3 (4, 5) times, p4 Color1.
Work 4 (6, 8) rows in St. st. with Color1. 
Next row (RS): (k7 Color1, k1 Color2) 3 (4,5) times, k1 Color1. 
Work 4 (6, 8) rows in St. st. with Color1. 
Next row (WS): P3 Color1, p1 Color2, (p7 Color1, p1 Color2) 3 (4, 5) times, p4 Color1. 
Transfer stitches to 2 double pointed needles with 16 (20, 24) stitches per needle. 
Set piece aside and make second side.

Join sides for working in the round. 
Place a marker at the beginning of the round. 
Rnds 1-2: Knit with Color1. 
Rnd 3: (K7 Color1, k1 Color2) around. Break Color2 off.
Rnd 4: Knit with Color1. 
Rnd 5: k4 Color1 (k1 Color3, k7 Color1) 8 (10, 12) times, k3 Color1. 
Rnd 6: (k2 Color1, k2tog Color1, k2 Color3, k2 Color1) around. 56 (70, 84) sts.
Rnd 7: (k4 Color1, k3 Color3) around. 
Rnd 8: (k1 Color3, k1 Color1, k2tog Color1, k3 Color3) around. 48 (60, 72) sts. 
Rnd 9: (k2 Color3, k1 Color1, k3 Color3) around. 
Rnd 10: (k2tog Color3, k1 Color3, k1 Color1, k2 Color3) around. 40 (50, 60) sts. 
Break Color1 off and work with Color3 only.

Rnd 11: Knit. 
Rnd 12: (k3, k2tog) around. 32 (40, 48) sts. 
Rnd 13: Knit. 
Rnd 14: (k2, k2tog) around. 24 (30, 36) sts. 
Rnd 15: (k1, k2tog) around. 16 (20, 24) sts. 
Rnd 16: K2tog around. 8 (10, 12) sts. 
Rnd. 17: K2tog around – 4 (5, 6) sts. 
Work i-cord for four rows (or until desired length) and then fasten off.

Sew bottom together with the extra tails, leaving space for the spout and handle opening. Weave in ends.

Copyright © 2012 Anna Devine. All rights reserved. Please do not sell this pattern or finished object without permission.

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