Monday, November 17, 2014

anna knits - brooklyn beanie

I was gifted some beautiful North Light Fibers Fingerling 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Bamboo 2 ply yarn a few months ago. I was not sure what to make with it at first, but since I was not in the mood to knit on tiny needles, I decided to hold two strands of the fingerling yarn together and knit a hat with size US6 circular needles. I love the color combination of the gray and blue yarns, so I included a thin contrast stripe at the bottom. This is an easy unisex project that would make a great holiday gift. I included the pattern I used below. 

You can see a different style hat I made with the same yarn here

~Brooklyn Beanie Pattern ~

Yarn: I used 2 strands of North Light Fibers Fingerling 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Bamboo 2 ply held together in main color (MC) Stone Wall, and 2 stands of North Light Fibers Fingerling 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Bamboo 2 ply held together in contrast color (CC) Cerulean Sea Glass. A thick sport or light worsened weight will get the same result.  
Needles: US6 circular and double pointed
Gauge: 25 stitches = 4", 30 rows = 4" in ribbed (K2, P2) stitch.
Finished hat size: fits 20" - 23" head circumference

K = knit
P = purl
K2tog = knit 2 stitches together
P2tog = purl 2 stitches together

Cast on 100 stitches in MC to circular needles
Round 1: Join work, place marker, and work K2, P2 around
Rounds 2-7: (K2, P2) around
Round 8: Switch to CC and K2, P2 around
Rounds 9-11: (K2, P2) around
Round 12: Switch to MC and K2, P2 around
Continue with K2, P2 until hat measures 7" - 7.5" from Round 1

Crown Shaping (switch to double pointed needles when needed):
Round 1: (K2tog, P2) around (75 stitches)
Round 2: (K2, P1) around
Round 3: (K1, P2tog) around (50 stitches)
Rounds 4-6: (K1, P1) around
Round 7: K2tog, (K2tog, P2tog) around (25 stitches)
Round 8: K1, (P1, K1) around
Round 9: P1, (K1, P1) around
Round 10: K1, (P1, K1) around
Round 11: K1 (K2tog, K1) around (17 stitches)
Cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches. Draw firm and fasten on inside. Weave in loose ends.  

Block using your preferred method.

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