Sunday, November 24, 2013

anna knits - cable knit headband pattern

I finished my cable knit headband a few weeks ago, and I am now getting around to posting the pattern. It is a quick knit, and a great way to practice cables. See my progress here and my inspiration here. Enjoy!

~ Cable Knit Headband Pattern ~

I used 2 strands of Rowan Pure Wool 4 ply yarn in Toffee (453) together on a size US8 needle, but you could also use a single stand of worsened weight yarn, or even a thicker yarn for a chunkier headband.

Cast on 18 stitches
Round 1: K6, P6, K6
Round 2: P6, K6, P6
Round 3: K6, P6, K6
Round 4: P6, K6, P6
Round 5: K6, P6, K6 
Round 6: P6, K6, P6
Round 7: K6, P6, K6
Round 8: P6, slip 3 stitches to cable needle or double pointed needle and hold in the back, K3 from the left hand needle, K3 held in back from the cable needle or double pointed needle, P6

Repeat rounds 1-8 until your headband is long enough - you can test it around your head, but know that it will stretch out after it is blocked. My headband took 13 rounds.

Blocking will help to flatten out your headband, although I like a little curl to the edges. 

After blocking, attach the ends with mattress stitch. 

See the Ravelry posting here.


  1. Do you have to switch the cable from being behind and in front every other time? So rows 1-8, you put the stitches in the back, then rows 9-16, in the front, and so on.

  2. Thanks for visiting anna knits etc.! The answer to your question is no. Since the cable twists to the right every time, you will want to hold the stitches in the back of your work every time you come to a cabling row. Enjoy!

  3. what is blocking out? and how do you do it? x


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