Monday, April 23, 2012

anna gifts - birthday party in a box

Finding the perfect gift is both a talent and an art. In this blog post I wanted to share a birthday gift I recently made: A Birthday Party in a Box. I got the idea from the blog You Are My Fav. It is a great present to send to a long-distance friend. You can customize the contents with whatever party items you think s/he will enjoy. Here is the one I made:

I bought all of the party contents at iParty, except for the box itself, which is an old lettuce container I washed out. The sign reads: Birthday Party in a Box! Just add friends. The total cost for the party contents was under $15. 

Content includes:

- Blank business card that I turned into a mini invitation
- Blue crate paper
- Noise makers
- Confetti popper
- Solo cups
- Electronic candles
- Balloons
- Happy Birthday banner
- Beaded necklaces

I packaged it with a homemade card and the real gift (custom stationary from the Etsy shop Honizukle Press, which turned out wonderful!) on top.

Thank you You Are My Fav for this great idea. I look forward to putting together some other themed boxes.

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