Thursday, July 19, 2012

anna knits - knit pug update 1

A few weeks ago I shared a book called Knit Your Own Dog that I had gotten as a gift. I finally got around to starting my knit pug project - since my union jack tea cosy is on hold while I wait for more yarn to arrive - and wanted to share my progress.

I am using super small size 2US needles, but this yarn is very easy to work with. Here you see Rowan Yarn Cashsoft 4 Ply from Jimmy Beans Wool in Elite 451 and Black 422.

I have never knitted a toy before, and I am a little worried about putting it all together, but it is a fun project so far. I am even thinking about turning it into a little pug christmas ornament!

Next time I'll have to make an all black one like my parents' pug Maeby! She's a cute one. 

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