Sunday, June 3, 2012

anna runs

I am running my first race this Sunday. It is the Halfway 5K in Canton, MA. I am not much of a runner, but I thought it would be a fun goal for the spring... Let's hope I make it out alive!

As part of my preparation, I decided to make an anna knits, etc. T-shirt to wear on race day. I was inspired by a post on the blog Oh Happy Day for family reunion Ts.

Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Assemble T-shirt (I used a GapFit pima cotton tank), T-shirt transfer paper, and Iron.
Step 2: Print out your design backwards, on the transfer paper.
Step 3: Cut out the design.
Step 4: Iron on the design with the iron on its highest temperature, and no steam. Iron longer than you think you should.
Step 5: Peel back the paper to reveal the design -- if the paper is sticking go back and iron more!
Step 6: Show it off.

You can download the pattern I used to make this anna knits, etc. shirt here!

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