Sunday, May 20, 2012

nails, etc.

This weekend was particularly gorgeous in Boston. It was 75F and sunny all weekend long, which made it a great chance to sport new summer styles. While I've always enjoyed painting my toe nails, I've recently starting painting my finger nails as well. It is a fast and easy way to add color to an outfit.

Today I wanted to share my newest nail polish experiment. I was inspired by this picture on instagram from Meredith (author of the blog one sheepish girl) of @sheepishknitcrochet.


I happend to have a bottle of OPI (sparkle-icious) glitter nail polish I stole from my sister (sorry Jackie!), as well as a new coral, pinky color from Essie (e-nuf is e-nuf) I got on sale at CVS.  

I layered the two, because the OPI glitter polish is more like a top coat with specs of glitter. You would need to do many coats to get a full glitter look. 

I'm calling this duo Birthday Cake Nails, because the mix of the rainbow glitter on the pinky-red reminds me of a birthday cake. Perfect for summer!

Pink Vanilla Bean Birthday Cake by Smells Like Home on Flickr

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