Thursday, May 17, 2012

anna letterpresses

Today I made an exciting purchase: a letterpress machine! I have wanted one for a while now, but I was not willing to fork over the $160 Paper Source was charging for the at-home, L Letterpress. Luckily for me, I went to the store today and noticed one combo kit was on clearance (broken box was all). I scooped it up, and spent the evening experimenting. (You can also find the kit discounted on Amazon.)

The ink was a little hard to use, and I had a lot of problems with the word stamps, but once I started pressing without ink I was happy with the results. The blog Paper Crave gives a nice review of the L Letterpress.

Here is a card I made using the plates and the stationary supplied in the kit.

These are the plates I used.

I am now also able to resurrect my stationary company from elementary school: © a. devine creation 

It would be nice to order a custom print for my company's name if I ever decide to sell stationary on Etsy. The Paper Crave post talks about ordering custom photopolymer plates for the L combo kit from Boxcar Press. I definitely want to get some more plates, including a full alphabet, and a chevron pattern. 

Do you have a letterpress kit? Any recommendations for buying supplemental plates?


  1. Nice. I especially like your company name a. devine creation. Can you get a trademark registration for that I wonder?

  2. Hi Anna - its Amanda ... I just wanted to thank you for the lovely tea cozy you made and left for me at your parents' home. I visited earlier this month and there it was propped up on the bed pillows in the guest bedroom, wrapped gently in tissue with a little note. I took it home straight away and promptly put it on my tea pot; it fits like a glove! Thank you. It is a warm and welcoming sight every time I enter my kitchen. xoxo Amanda


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