Tuesday, October 15, 2013

knitting, etc. - straight knitting on circular needles

When I first started knitting, I didn't realize that you could knit flat pieces (straight knitting) on circular needles. After I tried it, I was hooked (*no pun intended*). It is useful for many reasons, like...

  • You can knit very long pieces that would never fit on straight needles, since straight needles can only be so long; 
  • Circular needles are easier to put down and pick back up mid-row;
  • Traveling with your knitting becomes easier since you can fold your work, and don't have to accommodate awkwardly long needles; and 
  • You can knit two socks/mittens at the same time. 
So if you haven't tried it yet, go get some circular needles and move over your latest project. Basically, when you have the choice of connecting the last row to the next row, choose not to, turn the work around, and work from the other side! You can watch a good video tutorial on how to do it here.

PS: Curious about the knitting in the picture? See the octopus tea cozy it became, and get the pattern to make your own here

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