Sunday, October 20, 2013

anna knits - octopus tea cozy 2

I finished my second Octopus Tea Cozy today! This was a custom order for someone who saw my first cozy on Instagram. Again, I knitted a large cozy for a six-cup tea pot (which is why it looks a bit awkward on my 2-cup tea pot!). I made the octopus first, then the tea cozy, then sewed the octopus on as if it was a pom-pom, and then embellished the bottom of the cozy with crocheted seaweed. This time I only put pipe cleaners in the first two tentacles of the octopus rather than in all eight legs. It helped with attaching the octopus, and looks a little cleaner (I think).

You can read about the patterns I used for the octopus, tea cozy, and seaweed here.
You can read (and watch a video) about how I assembled the octopus here.

Interested in ordering your own Octopus Tea Cozy? Email me for details: Please allow six weeks for completion.

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