Thursday, July 18, 2013

knitting, etc. - my craftsy picks

Knitter friends: Have you ever had the idea for a knitting project and searched the internet for the perfect pattern just to end up with a million tabs open and no way to compare all your options? Introducing Craftsy: The latest way to browse thousands of patterns - including hundreds of free ones! - and easily save them to a custom wishlist. An account is free, and if you are a designer, you can easily upload your patterns and sell them with no fees. Plus, there are tons of great classes to sign up for, and other craft sections, like jewelry, crochet, quilting, and cake decoration.

To illustrate how Craftsy works, I pulled together some of my favorite knitted shawl patterns:

During New England summers, you never know if the temperature is going to drop. That's why I feel shawls are such a great summer knitting project. On my Craftsy page, I tried to pick designs that were (1) pretty, and (2) easy enough to knit up fast, but challenging enough not to be boring. Here are some details:

I hope you enjoy the page, and please let me know if you try any of these featured shawls! Once I'm done with my current tea cosy commission, I hope to start one of my own.

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