Sunday, October 7, 2012

anna crochets - yale mug cosy

About a week ago, I crocheted this flower, which was the first time I had crocheted in many years. Since then, I've been looking for another little crochet project. I finally came up with one while in New Haven visiting my boyfriend at school - a crochet mug cosy! Since he goes to Yale, I made him a Yalie cosy.

I had to make it thinner than a normal mug cosy, so it would fit between the handle of my boyfriend's one and only mug. 

I muddled my way through crocheting the Y but I think it came out ok. Next time, though, I'll make the cosy larger, with a big space for the handle (like this).

The pattern is based off of those from The Cosy Project, which I wrote about in an earlier post here

I love all of the designs from The Cozy Project. They are so simple but also so cute!

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