Thursday, May 22, 2014

anna knits - penguin jumper

Process pics:

As you may have surmised from my lack of posts, the last few weeks have been very busy for me. More to come on that soon, but first I wanted to share that I have in fact finished the penguin jumper I started a few months ago. It is a very quick project -- I am just slow with the posting :).

As I blogged a few months ago, in order to care for penguins caught in oil spills, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Phillip Island Nature Parks dresses penguins in knit jumpers so that they do not ingest deadly chemicals when attempting to clean themselves. They have a worldwide call out for knitters to send jumpers to the Centre. You can read more about the penguins and their knitted jumpers here.

You can find the pattern to knit a penguin jumper, as well as where to send the garment, here.

After a recent call went out, there was some controversy surrounding the Centre and its jumpers. You can read more about that here

For the jumper I made, I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn in Flannel with US5 needles, and a little bit of Kambgarn yarn in Rosebloom for the embellishment. Some people get really creative with their embellishments, but for an intermediate knitter looking for a meditative project, a monotone jumper like mine is the perfect pick!

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