Wednesday, March 5, 2014

knitting, etc. - penguin jumpers


A few friends shared this story with me, and it is so cute I had to repost. I have heard of knitters making penguin jumpers before, but this article from ABC Melbourne reminded me of the cause. Basically, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Phillip Island Nature Parks takes care of sick and injured penguins. When a penguin is caught in an oil spill, the Rehabilitation Centre dresses the penguin in a knit jumper so that the bird does not ingest the deadly chemicals when attempting to clean him/herself. You can read more about the penguins and their knitted jumpers here

The jumpers are for little penguins, which, as you can see from the pictures, are quite small. The pattern calls for D.K./Sport/Worsted yarn on US5 needles. While I have not yet made one, it looks like it would be pretty quick to knit. I might take materials with me this weekend, so that I can make one on my upcoming plane ride (I'm going to Hawaii - woot!)

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