Sunday, April 12, 2015

anna knits - moto vest update 1

It has been a while since my last post, but that is not because I have not been knitting. As with most US east coasters, winter is usually my most productive knitting season. Sitting down with a pile of wool is just more appealing when it is cold outside, and this winter was a cold one for NYC. What is harder during the winter months - for me at least - is capturing pictures of my creations. With limited natural light and cold temperatures, I wasn't so motivated to set up photo shoots. And fellow bloggers will know that once you get out of the habit, it is hard to get back into it. That said, it looks like spring has finally begun in Brooklyn (despite the sad looking plants in the following pics...), so I got out my camera and started documenting my latest project (with a little help - pc: jpa). Here it is:

The past few weeks I have become obsessed with the podcast Woolful. If you are not listening, head over to the itunes store and subscribe (its free). Each episode features interviews with people in the fiber world (i.e. knitwear designers, yarn store owners, dyers, fibers farmers, and more). I listen to it on my morning commute, which has come to include subway knitting - usually on the B train.

During the month of March, Woolful hosted a knitalong (multiple knitters making the same project at the same time) around the Moto Vest pattern by Shelli Westcott. I learned about the knitalong from the podcast, and found the pattern to be really cute as well as an innovative way to enter the world of garment knitting. All you really need to know how to knit is a ribbed scarf -- see the clever way the project comes together here. When I was gifted some super soft Cascade 128 Superwash in Doeskin Heather (1926) at the end of March, I decided to cast on, despite not having a hope of finishing by the end of the month.

I went with size US10 circular needles, which I find easier to use if I am transporting my project. I casted on 58 stitches, because I wanted the vest to be on the cozier side. So far I have knitted about 1/3 of the project and used almost two skeins of yarn. I have four total, so I will probably have to get a fifth in order to finish since I want the vest to be hip length. I'm hoping to be finished with the project by early May, but with more time or bulkier yarn I could see this project taking many knitters just a few days time. So far it has been a fun pattern, and a great way to keep my hands busy while listening to Woolful.

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