Friday, October 31, 2014

anna moves, part duex


{left to right}

taxi lights * lady liberty 
roof view * neighborhood juice 
cocoa art * rope art @ j.crew
g train* financial district
job searching * "Killer Heels"
met opera * purl soho

At the time of my last blog post I had just packed up my Boston apartment and was bound for my new home in NYC. Since then I have managed to find AND move into a new apartment (a feat in itself), unpack/furnish said apartment (mostly), take in beautiful views of the manhattan skyline (see proof above), drink delicious juice from my neighborhood juicer (again proof above), ride the subway (a lot), and much, much more. Life has been so busy I have not had much time to reflect on all the change. But I did take a few pictures along the way, which I wanted to share here. 

Now that I am more settled, I have a few knitting projects in the works that I plan to share soon. I also created a Cousin Itt Halloween costume out of yarn this year! I will post pictures of it tonight which you can view on Instagram and Twitter: @annaknitsetc.

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